Lezoux Library


Lezoux (63)

Design Team:

SERERO Architectes / David Serero, Sabrina Noiraud, Jaime Yndurain


3 220 000 €


1 600m²

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Lezoux’s new mediatheque is inscribed in a rich urban context, next to the city center, in a dense and sinuous urban tissue. The parcel seems to be a respiration area, where we are offered views over the great landscape that surrounds the site.

The position of the building, in the middle of the parcel, liberates a landscaped space around the mediatheque. We have sought to have the most open building, almost a pavilion, and a place where the access to books, multimedia and animation can occur in the middle of a garden. The building offers transparency over the site’s limits generating a real urban showcase that contributes to create an exchange place, where knowledge multiplies itself, and is not limited, open to other disciplines and cultures.

Its position in the middle of the parcel liberates a new landscaped space around the building. The project show our effort in an in/out relationship due to the multiple reading spaces (multimedia, youth spaces, documentation) placed in the building’s limits

A perforated roof that houses transparent volumes (those of the consultation areas) is the most representative element of the intervention. Supported by steel pillars, it’s attached to two concrete boxes that serve as bracing to the ensemble.   Its fine silhouette and its perforations evoke the brightness of the underbrush. At the same time, the roof unifies the different spaces of the mediatheque, protecting south and east facades, the consultation areas, and the hall, as a result of the shadow it projects.

Une médiathèque qui s’inscrit au coeur d’une ville historique. un lieu agréable, propice à la lecture et au travail