Daimler Chrysler Mondial


Auto show Detroit 2002


Daimler Chrysler

Design Team:

David Serero and Elena Fernandez for Arnell Group


$ 12 million H.T.


5000 square feet

In 2002, Chrysler commissioned us the design of the new Chrysler pavilion for the Detroit Auto show. The Jeep “terrain” is a hollow “artificial” landscape, which displays the cars themselves-above-and the information about the Jeep and Chrysler history and products-below. The different slopes angle of this resin topography has been designed to showcase the new features of the Jeeps and their extreme ability to resist and adapt to a wide type of landscapes. A set of LED lights embedded inside of the resin is generating different moods in relation to the brand promotion by pulsating between different colors. The pavilion has been built according to units, which are transportable and fits standard container size.