Glass loft à New York


33 Bleecker Street, New York


Sari and Glen Cohen

Design Team:

David Serero, Elena Fernandez, Dominik Sigg, Takuma Takehi


$ 220.000 H.T.


2000 square feet

A glass wall divides the space of this Soho loft to separate the living space from more intimate spaces and keep the light flowing through the apartment. Instead of crossing this wall frontally, we inflected the vector by which the body crosses it, for a more tangential trajectory. This triggers a process of transformation of the geometry of this glass skin and provokes the tessellation of the surface. The glass skin gained thickness, doubled itself to create the privacy necessary for the two bedrooms behind it. It is therefore a movement of the body moving trough space and interacting with its limits, which informed the wall design. The wall oscillates in the loft between open space, private space and service room, and controls views and access to them. The wall’s structure is woven to the existing pecan wood columns and beams of the building, sometimes anchored to it, sometimes cantilevered out of it. The glass wall, informed by the crystal nature of the glass itself, generates a space of intense ambiguity between rational structure and free-formed envelope. The same concept of thickening the limit of the space applies to the walls of the periphery of the apartment. They are corrugated and integrate in their thickness the two bathrooms, the kitchen, a changing size office space and storage spaces. This wall changes material and texture in each of the room that it crosses: a curve Bisazza glass tiles wall in the master bathroom with a light-drop rain shower, a real river stones floor for foot massage in the shower, a fold of green slates for the tub of the second bathroom with a falling water spout, a white high gloss panels in the office space, a yellow stripes of cabinets in the kitchen and beach-glass Corian light cove.