Domestic Topographies

Price   € 8 million H.T.      Area   13,610 m²
Site   Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands
Design Team   SERERO Architectes

The project deals with a major landscaping and urban planing issue: The expansion of the city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife towards its periphery across a topography marked by a succession of ravines that cannot be easily crossed. Here the “In Between Cities” idea has less to do with a local fracture than with a process un-ended, an urban fabric that cannot succeed in formalizing and structuring its own limits. In our project these limits are progressively blurred by opening the urban form towards the territorial form. The exact site is a hundred meters high ravine which plunge into the sea. The ridge of the ravine is the point of focus of the project, which is conceived as the spine for the urban development. Thus the project can be described more as an original form of urban organization, a reaction to a singular topography, rather than a mere extension of the Añaza plateau. The topography is not considered a mere spatial context, framing or framed by the project, but as an active component with a fundamental role in the design process. A second artificial topography is superimposed to it, hang to the ravine in the form of a vertical succession of decks activated by housing, offices and shops. The two topographies are not visually and progamatically competing. They rather trigger a vibration, an interplay, between two movements. In this respect the project is a combination of local, contextual negotiations between geological chance and an urban form in the process of being organized.

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