Centre Culturel de Meudon

Area   1850m² + 6350 m² d’espace extérieur
Site   Meudon-La-Forêt (92), France
Design Team   David Serero, Bastien Casasoprana, Noriko Harada, Yoichi Ozawa, Fabrice Zaini


This project is inspired by nature, and more particularly by the tree, not in its simple symbolic form, but precisely in its deep relationship to architecture, in the relationships it maintains between structure and envelope, between redundancy. and optimization, between strength and fragility, between singularity and diversity. The interaction between the natural space of the forest and the minimalist volumes of the existing buildings designed by Pouillon formed the main thrust of our approach. The building is located in the continuity of the orthogonal grid of the neighborhood while developing an open and multiple relationship with the space on the ground. The project is deployed around the central nucleus of the 300-seat performance hall. Its peripheral envelope rises above the hall to reveal the interior spaces and circulation areas. This device, by creating windows on the entire periphery of the building, avoids the « black box » effect of the performance hall planted in the middle of the urban environment. In contrast to the single window module used by Pouillon for all the housing units in the district, we have designed a system of free-form bay windows, the geometry of which is derived from the branches of the trees.


Our goal is to create a place of remarkable quality, due to its openness to the surrounding urban context and its strong identity. This project is designed from the inside out, offering floor and roof work that frames spaces without closing them off. The building is cantilevered from the reception hall and the forecourt so as to create large glass surfaces protected from the sun and rain. On the outskirts, the reception and meeting spaces, the hall, offices and artistic workshops run on two levels.


All the circulation and reception areas are largely bathed in natural light, either by the curtain wall of the reception hall, or by the sheds which punctuate the roofs of the workshops and play an important role in defining the light atmospheres in the hall. inside the building. Due to the variation in size of the elements that make it up, the light atmosphere is close to that of an undergrowth. The lighting inside the main hall thus changes every hour of the day. At the end of the day, lamps installed in these sheds and connected to photosensitive cells will gradually compensate for the lack of natural light. The offices and work rooms are lit by multiple openings of free form which allow, in each workspace, to have one or two views towards the exterior and the landscaped spaces.


The building is covered with a light-colored architectural concrete envelope which will incorporate Meudon limestone chippings into its composition. Designed as a high performance intelligent skin, the roof is an important element of this project because it integrates devices for treatment of light atmospheres and thermal control. On the south side of the roof sheds, photovoltaic panels will be installed to offset part of the electrical energy consumed by the building.

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